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The Colorguard Site
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Ways to Tell You're in Colorguard Part 2
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Why It's Great to be in Guard
The Attitude
Guns out of Guard?
Colorguard: The New Sport
Recruiting Tips
Guard Clip Art and Animations
Why Sabres are Better than Men
FYI: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
FA: Strains, Sprains, and Fractures
FA: Muscle Cramps and Leg Pain
FA: Bruises
Important Message!!

Welcome to the world of colorguard, the true Sport of the Arts!

Hey! Welcome to The Colorguard Site! The place where you can get the MOST information on colorguard and all of its aspects! Covering a whole range of topics, it's one of most information-packed guard sites out there on the web! On with the show!

This site is dedicated to introducing colorguard to the world and promoting this fantastic artistic sport! I really want people to know what I'm talking about when I say that I'm in colorguard! This site will include a lot of really cool things. Just look to your left for the menu! Have fun!


Sept 2007 HI GUYS! It's been a while! I hope to add some fresh stuff soon now that life has slowed down a little! I probably won't be updating too regularly or anything, but I'll be trying to add some new stuff or revamping things a little. I'm actually trying to find someone to take over the website so it can get the regular attention it needs. If you're interested, please leave a note in the guestbook and a brief reason why you want to take over! Catch you later!

Go colorguard!

The most famous guard saying put into a beautiful banner by Susie Lee! ^-^

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