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Not much, but hey!

We Are The Show
Author: Frances Simmons (1993)

The time between seasons drags
And the days click by like dominoes
One by one they tumble over
Countdown to begin the show.

Then finally the season starts
The date is set, the time, the place
We organize another year
The calendars fill with practice dates.

Tosses, spins, amazing grace
The music haunts us day and night
Foot here, hand there, the flag in place
Practice, practice to make it right.

Performance faces, focused eyes
The music fills our hearts once more
Just like in practice all those times
We dance across the wooden floor.

A show well done fills up our hearts
The end result of hours strained
We burst with pride when we know it's good
And when it's not, we burn with shame.

All our shows improve by bounds
The season moves on faithfully
And all too soon it has to end
When it's all over, where will we be?

A little wiser, a little sad
To see another season go
But knowing we'll always treasure the time
When together, we were the show
Guard Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance
To my guard flag
In the band room at (your school's name) in America
And to the pole
For which it's on
One show flag
That costs a lot
Hopefully indestructable
And that it will move smoothly and surely for me
Its a Feeling
By: Robin R. Job
Submitted by: Jocelyn

Tell me "What is colorguard,"
my friend once asked of me;
"Sit down," I said, "and listen,"
then maybe you will see...

That we are skillful athletes,
we dance and act our part;
we are unique musicians,
a master of an art.

Traveling on the weekends,
just to go compete;
weird adventures on the bus,
and always stopping to eat.

we learn to be ourselves inside,
we're proud of what weve done;
we'll have the fondest memories,
of hard work and of fun.

Yes there are times I wonder,
while I suffer through the pain;
the sweat jammed thumbs and bruises,
my goodness I'm insane.

But I just can't imagine,
what life would be without;
performing in a colorguard,
and having friends about.

Exciting feelings we all get,
when we enter through the door;
the faces watching breathlessly,
'til we exit from the floor.

The discipline is so intense
but very flattering;
for our instructors work us hard,
and only for one thing.

They want to see us do your best,
without performing fears;
we know when we've made them proud,
we see it in their tears.

So after this I understand,
and now I'm very sure;
you can't explain what colorguard is,
it's a feeling you must endure.
Somewhere in a Gym
Submitted by: Jocelyn

The flags interweave in a synchronous pace.
A pattern is formed and dissolves into space.

Kaleidoscope movementand the swish of a sabre.
What flows like a dance is pain and hard labor.

Glitter and make-up fluff and curls for the show.
But there's nothing soft about the rifles they throw.

The best part of guard is not seen by the eye.
It's teamwork and sharing and daring to try.

When the show's over and the props put away.
There's always more practice and some time to play.

So just when you think the guard is all done.
Somewhere in a gym they're still having fun.