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Important Message!!

Little tips and tricks regarding equipment! Flag, Rifle, Sabre...

Flag Stuff

You know those annoying times when you have a perfect flag, but the poles that you've got don't match? Well, don't order new poles, change the pole color! Just stick long strips of colored contact paper on the pole. Don't wrap the paper around like a candy cane, stick it on lengthwise. If you can't find the color you want, you can go to the Home Depot and get colored electrical tape. The tape gives added grip to the pole also, with its rubbery texture.

If your poles are weighted with carriage bolts, you may have rattling poles from loose bolts. Take them out and wrap them up with electrical tape. Every single bolt that comes my way gets this treatment. This helps stop the rattling tremendously.

Stuck-on crutch tip? One that just refuses to come off no matter how many guardies try to wrench it off? Take a sharp razorblade and make a lengthwise slit along side. Then just slip it off! But be careful!

Flags can get really really SMELLY and DIRTY. Gross. If your flag smells like a 3 day old dead fish baking in the sun, take it off the pole and HANDWASH it in coolish-warm water. Don't fling it in the washing machine. Handwashing is more gentler on your flag and it'll make it last longer. Then, after you wash it (with mild soap or detergent), hang it on a clothesline and let it drip dry. It shouldn't take long for it to dry. Flags dry fairly quickly. Then, if it's really wrinkled, take a warm iron (NOT HOT!) and run it over a few times. Then tape your flag back on the pole!
 For Guard Instructors: If you like flowyness in a flag feature (esp. when you toss), put the bolt on the bottom of the pole instead of the top. So when the guard members toss, the pole tends to slow down in mid air causing the toss to look slower and much more dramatic.
- Submitted by Jose

Rifle Stuff

Like the cool snap sound when a rifle line catches? Tape a couple pennies to the inside of your rifle strap.

If your tip and butt are splintering up, buy a sheet of craft rubber or corking, cut to fit, and tape up as usual.

If your rifle paint is starting to crack up and peel, sand it away and apply a layer of household latex paint. It lasts a lot longer and it's waterproof.

Another way to protect your ends is to take a feminine pad (don't blush guys! ^-^), put the sticky side to the rifle and tape up as usual. Use those big bunchy ones that no one wants to use. :)
-Submitted by Liz

If the screws that are holding your strap together are scratching your hands while you're spinning, then take some cotton balls and tape them over the screws. You won't get so bruised and it feels better when catching sixes. :)
-Submitted by Chris

Sabre Stuff

If you like to tape up your blade, don't start taping from the tip. Stop taping the blade about 1-2 inches from the tip and then tape the tip separately. When you need to retape your tip, then you don't have to untape the whole blade.

You know those nice slim rubber tips you buy for at least a dollar apiece? Save your money! Take those tips off and save those for performances. Buy small rubber furniture crutch tips and tape those on the tip. You won't go through those as quickly, and you'll save money!!

Is your blade wobbling when you toss? Make sure that your thumb is against the blade or the hilt and SQUEEZE! Also, the screws on the hilt may need tightening.

When you tape up your sabre blade, don't wrap the tape around and around and around the blade. Take long pieces of tape and stick it lengthwise. It'll save tape!

To get your sabre to balance evenly, take pennies and tape them to the inside of your hilt where the finger grooves are. Only use 1-2 pennies per groove, then tape over them. It really helps!
-Submitted by Chris