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Important Message!!

Tips and tricks for your show style!

Need ideas and tips for your performance hair? This section is to give you ideas, tips and tricks for that style!

One general all-around good thing to keep in mind is to find a style that will get the hair off your face. That way it won't get in your way and mess up your work. Two really simple styles for this is the bun and the ponytail.

If your show has jazzy, swing, sophisticated type music, you might want to do your hair into a snazzy updo. Kind of like prom-ish hair, but much more relaxed.

If you have really long hair, you might want to put them in curls! It shortens your length and adds flair.

If you have really short hair, try adding accessories, like pins or clips with your school colors, or corresponding them with your show theme.

Braids are also very nice. They look cool, but they also get the hair away from your face. You can try to french braid, regular braid, fishtail...

Add flair to your style with ribbons! Get some ribbons that correspond with your school colors or your show theme, tie them to your hair, and then either curl them or leave them straight.

Spray glitter can also be added to your hair for glitz! Don't add too much though. Some sprays are hard to get out. Spray color for the hair is also an idea.

Try different things for your guard! Experiment! One tip: don't use all these tips above in the same style! Don't overload on the accessories, otherwise it'll take a long time for all the guard to get up their hair.

Curls are really fun to do! It adds glamour and style! To minimize the time it takes to curl a full head of hair, use hot rollers instead of trying to curl one strand at a time with an iron.

Those pre-made hair pieces can also be used! The good thing about these are that you really don't have to put in a lot of time in your hair. Your whole guard can get them! 


A Note Regarding Hairpieces...if you're going to use them, read below!

The girl who submitted the hairpiece idea also had this side note to add...

"BE SURE that it matches YOUR hair color! One girl on our guard got a color lighter than her own and it didn't look good.

BE SURE it is attached! The way our hairpieces worked is this: There was a little pouch with two combs on each side. You put the pouch over your bun and put the combs through the bun. Then there were two strings you used to pull the pouch tight and knot it. The key word is TIGHT. If you don't, they WILL fall out. Girls' hair would fall out somewhere on the field. But don't think that they aren't worth it, because mine never feel out. That's because I made sure they were tight.

So, if you take care of your hairpiece and follow these tips, I'm sure that they'll work out great!"