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Guard Clip Art and Animations
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Important Message!!

Need Guart? (Haha, get it? Guard + Art = Guart!)

This is a page where you can get colorguard-related clip art and animations. I usually make my own clipart stuff, but I also constantly scan the web for more! Feel free to use this stuff, but if you use one of my creations, please link it to my website or give me credit for it. Thanks! Also, if you want me to put a saying into a banner or whatever, just email me!


Colorchanging Flag

Scribble Flagdance

Equipment Unites!

Always a good rule...

The most famous guard saying put into a banner by Susie Lee!

Creation by Susie Lee


Hehehehehehee...Mastercard converted for band and guard usage!

I'm always on the lookout for more guart! If you have any ideas or pictures, email me! :)

Toss that Rifle!

Dances With Flags

Creation by Susie Lee

Go Sabres!

Creation by Susie Lee

Together, we ARE the show!

Creation by Susie Lee

Flag page separater