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Important Message!!

- You walk in step to all the music you hear
- You can spin everything in sight (pencils, brooms, pool cues...)
- You're constantly involved in fundraisers (wanna buy a candy bar?)
- The term 'attitude' has lost all meaning
- You're an expert at assembling backdrops
- You get estatic when you hear a song you've done a routine to
- You're lucky when your instructor gets your name right
- You know how to wrap your own bandages
- You have permanent rifle bruises on your left and right thumbs
- You can smile genuinely on command
- You can catch everything that's thrown at you
- You have an excuse for everything
- You find yourself telling your friends to do 20 pushups for chewing gum
- You're the last people to hear about the pep rally and the first people to perform in it
- Every song you hear becomes a possible flag routine
- You know the perfect spot for a toss in your favorite songs
- You know that "one more time" really means 5 more times
- You can do your hair and makeup anywhere
- You can change into your uniform anywhere
- Anyone who can throw a piece of wood 20 feet in the air and catch it instantly becomes your hero
- You can change, go to the bathroom, and go to your locker in 3.5 minutes
- Getting a sip of water is considered an act of love and kindness from your instructor
- You know that a five minute break really equals 2.5 minutes
- The band room becomes your home away from home
- You become your own pharmacist
- You know how many teenage girls can fit into one hotel room
- You know how to manage 9 girls and 1 bathroom
- The term "battle of the sexes" has turned into "battle of the bands and guards"
- You can mock other bands and guards quite well
- Four and a half hours of sleep before competition is lucky
- You know nothing is ever definite
- The smell of sunscreen reminds you of band camp
- You could never teach your dog to fetch because everything you throw, you HAVE to catch yourself
- No matter how good your guard is, you always get the smallest coverage in the yearbook
- You try more stunts than the cheerleaders
- You went to all the school football games but never paid for one
- Your nails never extend the tips of your fingers
- You've never actually watched a football game
- You can arm wrestle and band/drama/choir/cheerleading member and always win
- You march to background music in the mall
- You jazz walk/run home, to the mall, etc...
- Every time you get a bruise, you can immmediately tell it was from guard practice
- You're constantly runnning out of White-Out covering the marks on the walls and ceiling from the rifle you WEREN'T spinning in the house...
- You point your toes in your sleep
- You get all teary eyed when you have to put your saber down for dinner

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