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Important Message!!

Sayings, Mottos, Whatever...

If color guard was easy, it'd be cheerleading

On the eighth day, God created color guard

SPIN THIS!! (with a picture of a flag/rifle/saber)

If you can't handle color guard, join cheerleading

Winter Guard is fall guard without the backup band

The audience is listening to the band, but they're watching the guard

If it wasn't for marching band, I'd quit school

(On a tee-shirt) God's Gift to color guard

Colorguard. To those who understand, no explanation necessary.
To those who don't, no explanation possible.


Together, we ARE the show!!

(One person says:) "Stay on yo guaaard!!"
(All the guard says:) "Yo Colorguard!!"

CAUTION! Colorguard at work: Watch for flying objects (I have this one on a T-shirt)

FRESHMAN!!! (hehehehe)

This isn't KMart! We don't like sails! (Haha, get it?)

Perform and make them want to throw their babies out on the field for a sacrifice!

Hey, what's the football team doing on the marching field?

Got Guard?

There are two types of people in the world: In colorguard, and those who want to be.

Spinning 6 feet of attitude: The Flagline.

Breathe in the music, breathe out the performance!

For ten minutes, you own and control the audience. Make the most of it!

Somewhere, someone is practicing and when they meet you out on the field of competition, they will beat you.

To spin or not to spin, that is a silly question.

A band without flags is like cookies without milk. Got flags?? (Submitted by Bridget Neeley)

Shut up and Spin! (Submitted by Chris)
We bust ours to kick yours. (Submitted by Dana Clendenin, Nitro High School Cpt.)
Remember...there is always a little girl/boy in the stands that wants to be just like you, don't disappoint her/him. (Submitted by Jessica, Lloyd C. Bird Colorguard, Chesterfield, VA)
If you can't spin, don't touch my flag...
If you can't toss, don't touch my rifle...
If you can't dance, stay off our field...
And if you don't understand this...
Get out of my face 'cause it's a guard thing.
(Submitted by Shikellamy High School Colorguard) 

(*note: I have nothing against the marching band, some of my best friends are in it, but I just thought it'd be humorous.)