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Important Message!!

Those special moments when all of it is worthwhile

Bus rides to competitions and performances!! Those are always fun. I love sitting with everyone. I'm in my guard uniform and we're taking crazy pictures, or I'm trying on someone's band hat or jacket and looking like a dork. Hehehee!! Or I'm attempting to play someone's trumpet or clarinet, hahaha.

Being exceptions from the band!! At my school, the guard is a whole separate unit from the band. The band director is great, but she doesn't know a whole lot about the guard, so the captians (me and the other captian) get to be in charge of everything. The guard gets to go off on our own and stuff like that, but we're still very disciplined.

The time before performances when all the guard is getting their makeup on and everything!! There's just a buzz of excitement and anticipation, especially if it's the first performance.

The great shape you're in at the end of the season! All that running around, sweating, lifting isn't in vain.

A skill that you can take anywhere! Wherever I go, I can find something to spin and show off! I usually get at least one "WOW!" reaction...hehehehe!

Your confidence SOARS when you're in colorguard! You CAN do ANYTHING!

When the guard gets a better score than the band!

When you look into the crowd during the ballad and see people crying!
(Submitted by Kathryn)

Those close relationships you develop with the guard and the band are always great! It's like a big huge family, you can talk to each other about everything!
(Submitted by Kassie from LBHS Colorguard)