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Important Message!!

Tips and Activities you can use to help tighten up your guard!


- Have a guard sleepover!

- Before the first performance, have guard call an hour before band call. That way you guys can just have an hour before the band comes in to hang out and stuff. Have some snacks!

- Make flag bags for each other! Draw names from a hat and you're responsible for making a flag bag for the person you draw. Make a "deadline" for them, like in 2 weeks, them you can all present them to each other. A weapon bag can also be substituted for the flag bag if someone is a weapon.

- Have guard awards! At the band banquet at the end of the year, present awards just for guard and make sure you have an award for EVERY person that was in the guard. If you need ideas, go to the "Guard Award Ideas" section on the menu at your left.

- Do something called the "Big Sister, Little Sister"! Usually in a guard there are rookies and veterans. Pair up a vet with a rookie and they just take care of each other! A vet can bring a stuffed animal, candy, flowers, whatever to their little sisters and vice versa before a performance. You don't have to do this for every performance; every other one or before competitions, whatever suits your needs! This will help the connection between the new people and the old people! (Submitted by Brittney from the Boling Springs High School Colorguard in Boiling Springs, South Carolina)
- Get the guard together and make matching shirts! You could put your school name on the front and personalized stuff on the back or anything! Be creative! (Submitted by Kirstin from GMHS Guard)


- Don't exclude anyone! Try not to drift towards the people you normally drift to. Look for that one person who seems the most quietest or scared and make friends with him/her! That person may not seem to want to be included or may not seem to want to be friends, but 99.9% of the time they really want to BE friends! They're just scared to speak up. This especially applies to freshmen! They're already scared half to death by all these big, scary upperclassmen! Colorguard is supposed to be somewhere where you can feel accepted and safe!

Any ideas? Email me at!