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Important Message!!

A contraWHAT?

AIR: The key to a good sound in wind instruments, but woodwinds generally have a lack of, resulting in squeaks.

ATTENTION: Standing absolutely still. Can be used as a form of punishment or sometimes used by drum majors and section leaders as a form of entertainment.

BAND CAMP: A time where the band and the guard get together and supposedly brush up on marching techniques for about a week. Usually resulting in large amounts of Pepsi being consumed.

BAND GEEK: Someone who is very very involved in music and band. Is also willing to give up all free time and any sort of life they had.

BAND GEEK WANNABE: 1) Someone who is friends and mostly hangs out with band geeks. 2) Someone who isn't in band or related to music in any way, but goes to band parties, banquets, rehersals, competitions, sits with the band at football games, etc...

BLISTERS: The result of wearing band shoes and marching for a long period of time. Hurts.

BRAIN FART: A mistake (missing a set, forgetting music, dropping a flag, etc...)

BUS: A place where the whole band gets very close (literally!!) while travelling somewhere. Good time to sleep or get to know 2 or 3 of your seatmates.

CADENCE: A short song that the band learns to play very well. Played often to make the band seem good.

CAPTIAN: The leader of a section (low brass, the guard, etc...). Tries to keep their section out of trouble to make themselves look good.

CARDS: 52 thick rectangular pieces of paper that have the same length and width, decorated with symbols, colors, and numbers that keeps the band continually amused.

COLOR-GUARD: A group of gifted people who flip flags and tosses rifles to distract attention away from the band. Makes the band seem better with their amazingly wonderful visual effects. Commended when they "accidentally" hit a band member. Known for giving a way better performance than the cheerleaders.

COMPETITION: A gathering of many groups of band geeks to prove that one is better than the others.

DRILL: A book to show what the show is "supposed" to look like.

DRUM MAJORS: The leaders of the marching band. Can be really mean when they want to be, considering they are in charge of the whole band. USUALLY TALKS LIKE THIS, BEING USED TO YELLING!!

DRUMS: Loud, obnoxious instruments that have the power and ability to throw the whole band off. Happens often.

EGO: The fuel for the trumpet line. Never ending supply.

EUPHONIUM: A what? A fancy name for the baritone. (Warning: Baritone players can get very anal if you don't use the correct term...)

FOOTBALL TEAM: Usually the reason why the band cannot practice on the field.

FORMER BAND GEEK: A person who was in band, but quit, and returns to watch the present band for fun. Sometimes bearing the gift of food.

FLOOR: A huge heavy plastic tarp thing that winterguards use. Extreme pain to fold up; takes the whole entire guard to fold up and is a never-ending source of back pain and complaints.

LOW BRASS: The band's endless supply of complaints.

MALE GUARD MEMBER: A rarity in many marching bands. If male member joins colorguard, he is usually treated with extreme royalty by the fellow girl members. Then, he is adopted into the status of "little brother", where the girl members protect him from the rest of the marching band, regardless of his age.

MARCHING SHOES: Horribly ugly, inexpensive, yet pretty comfortable footwear for the band. Usually has a thick heel with a cut-off triangle to attempt to "aid" in roll stepping.

RIFLE: A piece of wood designed to injure anyone within a 30-foot radius of the toss-ee. Can be really cool looking if everyone catches one at the same time and shows arm strength.

ROLL-STEP: A horrible, precise way to walk/march during marching season. One may roll-step for at least a month after the season ends.

TROMBONE: Usually the instrument that a band generally lacks. If a new freshman trombone joins the band, he/she is usually treated like royalty for about 7.386 seconds, where as the rest of the instruments get about 3.294 seconds of royalty. Tends to complain a lot.

TRUMPET: A small LOUD instrument that can get generally obnoxious. The players are usually very arrogant, egotistical, and think that they know everything.

TUBA: The only marching instrument I feel sorry for. (C'mon, have you tried even WALKING around with one of those?!?)