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Important Message!!

Need award ideas?

One great idea to do at the end of the season or at the band banquet is to have guard awards for everyone in the guard. This is a place where you can get ideas for awards!

"Best Spinner"
This can be awarded to the person who knew the most different types of spins or the one who had the best spin technique.

"Best Technique"
This one can be given to the one who had the best technique out of the guard. Someone who knew all the hand positions, stayed on count all the time...

"Most Versatile"
You know that one person that you could put anywhere and they'd just rock? You know, you could change their sets on the field show a day before a competition and they'd nail it without a problem, or you could tell them to take over someone's solo 2 days before a show and they'd rock, etc etc...

"Best Tosser"
This can be for the person who could throw tosses the best!

"Most Flexible"
This can be for the person who was the most flexible physically during stretches and stuff. There's always one person who can put their leg behind their head or something.

"Best Attitude"
There's always someone who always has a smile on their face all the time! This can be for that one person who always had a great attitude about anything, the person who always sought out the best in every situation.

"Tenacity Award"
This is for the person who always stuck to it; learning technique, field sets, whatever. They always tried to keep learning, keep working at it until they got it!

"Best Choreographer"
Sometimes there's someone who likes to write their own work with the flag/weapon and it's great stuff! This can be for that one person who writes great work for the guard.

"Best Dancer"
Pretty much self-explanatory, this can be for the person with the best dance moves in the guard.

"Best Flag"
Again, pretty much self-explanatory. The person with the best flag work, or technique, etc...

"Best Rifle"
Like above, but for a rifle.

"Best Sabre"
Like above but for sabre.

"Performance Award"
This can go to the person who was just meant for performing. Like they always had their head up, performed with their heart and soul, even if they were feeling crappy, the person who looks like a natural when performing. (This one is hard to explain...hehe)

"Most Daring"
This can go to the person who had the nerve to try anything on their equipment. Like if the instructor told them to try a six on their rifle with a spin underneath ending in a split, they'd try it without hesitation. :)

"Most Silly"
Some people can just do really goofy things with their equipment. This can go to someone who just thinks up of crazy things for their equipment. Hehehehe...

Something fun to try might be having "Guard Royalty" at the end of the season or at the guard/band banquet. If your guard consists of all females, then there can be a "Guard Queen" and a "Guard Princess". If your guard is coed, then you can have a "Guard King" and a "Guard Queen". You can go however far with this as you want, like if you want crowns, or a special prize or creative!

If you have more members than ideas, then make up awards to personalize them to each member! For example, Brittney Bush from Miamisburg High School in Miamisburg, Ohio wrote: "We give out awards at band camp and at the winter guard banquet and we give them out to everybody and pick something specific for that person. For example, my best friend got the Split Personality award cuz at school she was wild and loud and crazy but at practice she was quiet and calm and I got the Is It Cold In Boston? award cuz when we went to Boston I only took a little jacket cuz I don't get cold but our director made me wear his huge leather coat! And to top it all off, I spilled French Vanilla coffee all over it on the charter bus on the way home!! And we have a traditional award we give out to the biggest bitch in the guard. It's called the Bitch, Bitch, Bitch award and ever since her freshman year the same girl has got it at band camp and the winter guard banquet!"

More to come!