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Important Message!!

Little tips and tricks to help stretch that dollar!

Everyone knows that running and being part of a colorguard can get very expensive! So here are some tips that I've come up with to try and save your guard as much money as possible!!

1. One definite money saver is to have someone make the guard uniforms instead of buying them from a band/guard company. You can easily have someone imitate a simple bodysuit and palatzzo pants. To add flair, you can decorate with gems and sequins!

2. Some guards like to go to the hardware store and buy PVC piping material to substitute for flagpoles, but personally, the piping can shatter into sharp pieces and people can get cut (I know from experience). Also, the piping isn't very shock-proof. The vibrations travel all the way up your arm! :) But experiment and see what your guard prefers!

3. Another uniform tip is instead of buying or making "true" guard uniforms is to go to a local store and buy matching pants and shirts. Your guard can easily get a cute, uniform look from a store and still save lots of money!

4. Weapon/Flag bags are very simple to make from old pants or just a long piece of cloth! Your guard can have a little bonding session and make equipment bags for each other!

5. Design and make your own flags instead of buying them! Or buy a simple rectangular "budget flag" and alter them to make your own show flag!

6. Ask around other nearby guards/high schools and see if they have any old flags or equipment they'd like to donate to your guard. We did that with some show flags, and with a little mending and washing, they looked like new!

7. Instead of buying new show uniforms every year, several guards have a single "field show" uniform that they use every year.

8. Don't use a lot of money on makeup and hair stuff if you don't have a lot of money to spare as it is. You can make yourselves look nice without spending a lot of money on makeup. If you do really really want makeup, try going to those "beauty outlets" that sell products in large amounts. You'll save that way too.

9. The whole store uniform thing applies to shoes also. Go to the store and buy matching shoes! But make sure they are comfortable and check that you'd be able to spend a LOT of time in these shoes!

More to come!!