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Important Message!!

Guaranteed to tick off faithful guard members!

"Are you those people that twirl stuff at football games?"
- We don't TWIRL stuff, okay? We SPIN!!!

After asking what guard was, say, "Thanks for clearing that up. I always got you and the cheerleaders mixed up."
- WHAT?!?!

"Colorguard? What's that?"
- Oh, nothing much, just the people who do almost the ENTIRE visual effects of a marching band....

"Don't hit me."
- Don't stand in our way and we won't.

"Colorguard stinks."
- I think you meant cheerleading?

"Go stand over there and twirl your little flag thingys." (Especially effective if you are a cheerleader.)
- Oh yeah, "little" flags...uh-huh...we only spin 6 foot flags, toss heavy rifles, and throw skinny sabres...and I've NEVER seen a guard just STANDING there for a whole show...

"Don't you feel dumb prancing around in those dumb uniforms and holding a pole?"
- Ummm...yeah. OUR uniforms? *cough cough look at cheerleaders cough*

"Guard isn't a sport."
- Yeah, ya know, we just run around in 90 degree/snowing/raining/blizzard/windy weather for 3 hours every time we have rehearsal, challenging us physically and mentally, trying to do the best we can do for no reason....yeah.

When a guard member is practicing or something, go up to him/her and try to show him/her how easy it is. Then, when you find out that you can't do it, proceed to drop the flag....getting it dirty, ripping it, etc....(Thanks to Mary for this one!!!)

"Man, you guys don't even do any work! All you have to do is twirl some poles and run around!"
- Oh man, I can't count how many times I've heard this from band members. I'd like to see them try guard...HAHAHAHA!!

"That looks so stupid!"
- You can say this right while or during someone is doing work. Grrrrrr.
"Hey, look! It's majorettes!!"
- No, we're colorguard. Do you see batons in our hands?? (Idea submitted by Ben)

.....And the number one annoying thing you can say to a guard member is....

"I could do that."

One thing that really gets on my nerves and grosses me out, is when the band members are emptying their spit valves on the floor and somehow I end up stepping in it....ewwwww....

Also, Kassie from LBHS Colorguard gets really annoyed when band members makes fun of the guys in the colorguard! I'm grateful that I haven't had to deal with this (I've got one guy in my guard and my band members completely support him), but many times people just don't understand. One guard guy says, "The thing that annoys me the most being a male guard guy is when jocks call me gay for hanging out with HOT guard girls all the time." :)

If you're a band member, when you're at a performance and it's cold, walk up to a guard member dressed in your complete uniform and complain about how cold it is. :)