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Important Message!!

Need new or more guard members?

Need new colorguard members but don't know how to recruit? I'm one of the captains of my guard and these are ideas and tips that I've used that work really well.

What I highly recommend is that you get in touch with your band director and organize a informational colorguard meeting for those people who are interested. Set a date, then start making posters! Here are some ideas that I used when I did this just a couple months ago!

1) "Have you always seen those people spinning stuff at football games but never knew who they were? Well, that's the colorguard!"

2) "Has it been your lifelong ambition to spin a 6-foot aluminum pole? Join colorguard!"

3) "Colorguard at work: Watch for flying objects."

4) "Do you want to get in shape? Get in free to all home football games? Travel? Compete? Join the colorguard, part of the Hinkley Thunderbird Marching Band! (use your school band there...)"

5) "Do you want to perform in front of hundreds of people? Join colorguard!"

6) "Colorguard: CAN YOU HANDLE IT?" (This shows up really well on a big piece of yellow butcher paper with solid black marker)

Hope those help! I'd advise to put these on big sheets of paper and DECORATE! Put little cartoony things on it! Make it colorful! If they're little and unnoticable, no one's going to come to the meeting. Make it flashy! Also, make sure that you remember to put down all the information about the meeting on the poster; Where it is, When it is, How long it's going to be for, etc etc....

Another idea that bounces off this one is to make a flyer for middle school kids. You can open the meeting mentioned above to the middle school kids. Come up with a flyer on a piece of regular blank paper and have your teacher make copies to distribute to surrounding middle schools. What you should put on the flyer is information about the colorguard and when the meeting is and all that. This informational meeting can be a double hit: informing your fellow high school kids AND potential interested 8th graders.

At the meeting, be open and honest. Don't tell everyone that colorguard will be the best experience of their lives. Colorguard is not for everyone. Tell them the facts, not the opinions. They WILL hit themselves with the equipment. They WILL have to commit and work very hard. BE HONEST! Have your band director at the meeting also.

Make trips to the middle schools and personally talk to the 8th graders about colorguard and marching band. You'll need to talk to our band director to do this, and (s)he'll most likely gladly want to do this. (S)he'll probably want to inform the kids about the other music programs at your school also. What a chance to promote colorguard with a little mini-demonstration!

Ok, boy this was long but hey, hope it helped! (I may post more about this topic later...)