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Ways to Tell You're in Colorguard
Ways to Tell You're in Colorguard Part 2
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Important Message!!

- You spend 4-5 hours of your day practicing on spinning
- You spend all your free time looking at band-related websites
- You have your own colorguard website!
- Your friends notice bruises on you and you didn't even know that they were there
- When the only age that matters is 22
- You have one giant brown grass spot in your backyard from practicing so much
- Your speed dial consists of your captian, director, and show writer
- You forget how to count above 8
- You make up routines in your head to songs on the radio
- The blisters on your blisters don't hurt anymore
- Life? What's that?
- You always step off on the left foot
- You break a bone and still insist you can march (even on crutches)
- You only go to football games to see the halftime shows
- You find yourself switching feet to get back on-step while walking through the mall
- When the people at Home Depot know you by name
- You have had the words "left! right! left! right!" repeatedly screamed at you and you're not in the army
- You choose a college for the colorguard and winterguard directors and programs
- You go to other schools' football games just to see what you're up against
- When you're in your rowdy English class and your teacher yells, "Attention!", you look forward and don't make eye contact with anyone
- You love rainy days, because it gives you a chance to spin your umbrella in school (and show off too!)
- Your un-guard friends know that you're almost never available to go out
- You're always commmended on your posture at school
- You watch TV shows to look for good dance moves
- You find yourself doing sashes down the hall
- You have 2 rifle, sabers, and flags; one for practicing and one for performance
- You've hit yourself in the head enough times to the point it doesn't even hurt anymore
- You're constantly wishing for money, and not for yourself!!
- You've dated every guy/girl in the band, and/or currently dating one
- You mark time whenever you're standing still
- You spend all your spare time in the band room (extra points if you're spinnning your equipment the whole time!)
- Whenever you see ANYONE not in guard touching guard equipment, you freak out, run over to them, and take it away before they damage it. ("DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!!")
- You actually love wearing your uniform!!
- You're always half an hour early whenever you're meeting someone
- Jazz-running feels normal for you
- How will you live when the season's over??
- When you watch the same WGI/DCI tape over and over again (and still love it!!!)
- When it seems like everyone around you except your guard friends are wusses because they think walking around in 20 degree weather is cold!!
- When you have practice 5-6 days a week for three and a half hours, and enjoy every second of it
- You either have dated, or are currently dating a band member
- When you've ONLY dated band members in your entire life!
- Electrical tape (more commonly known as flag tape) is used for everything!! Or you can come up with 25 uses for flag tape in 30 seconds
- You're always thinking, "What's the football team doing on the marching field?"
- You jazz-walk everywhere
- You're constantly doing dance moves everywhere
- Whenever someone says "twirling" in reference to guard, you push them against a wall and say in a deep dark voice, "It's SPINNING."
- If you're a girl, you've seen all the male band members' underwear and it doesn't bother you when you see them constantly change in and out of their uniforms (and vice versa!) (Submitted by Kassie from LBHS Colorguard)
- When you know exactly where that special band member is in the drill sets throughout the entire show! In other words, you know their field sets just as well as your own! (I can really relate to this one...hehe) (Submitted by Daniella Stihl from LBHS Colorguard)