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Important Message!!

We have the weirdest terms

Air Drill/Flag - When you go through work or a routine without the equipment/flag. People sometimes do this if they drop a piece of equipment during a show, but can't pick it up, so they fake it, pretend to have their equipment, and go through the movements of the routine as if they had their equipment.

Blade - The blade part on a sabre.

Bolt - A usually metal weight that is put into the top of the flagpole to weight it to help it toss easier. You can get bolts at any hardware store. Or a bolt can be the little silver/gold/black thing on a rifle that simulates the gun barrel.

Boob Spins - Spins that are done at chest level. Not good technique, usually newbie guard members are guilty of this heinous crime.

Brain Sucking - Watching other people trying to learn work off of them.

Crutch Tip - The little rubber thingy at the end of the flagpole.

Drop Spins - The basic (easy) spin. The silk part of the flag goes down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up....

Double Fast - Almost like the drop spins, but the silk goes down, flat, up, flat, down, flat, up, flat, down, flat...

Fake It - Pretty much the same as air drill/flag

Floor - The big huge tarp that winterguards mostly use. It's like the football field for winterguard.
Free Arms/Hands - Your arms/hands when your equipment is in the air.
Hiccup - When you prep (slightly lift the butt or hilt up then down) your sabre or rifle right on the down count to do spins.
Hilt - The handle part on a sabre
Homecoming/Homecoming Dress - Window for everyone at the dance to see your "band- camp-sports-bra-tan-line"

Horizontal - When the flag is tossed above the head, usually spinning parallel to the ground.

Jazz Run/Walk - Running/walking in an elegant way. It feels really weird when first done, but you can really cover some distance when jazz running.
Pit Crew - The group of moms, dads, sisters, boyfriends, etc... that set up and remove the props/floor mats for a show.
Popcorn - Near the end of the season where the work is almost perfect and one person messes up, looking like a piece of popcorn popping, standing out from everyone else. 
Ra Ra - A cheerleader.
Ra Ra Walking - Walking so your ponytail swishes back and forth
Sabre - A (fake) sword used as guard equipment. Very cool.
Sabre Sistas - Nickname for the sabre line (including guys!)

Sail - When the flag wraps itself around the tip of the pole (very annoying).

Silk - The flag itself.

Singles - The simple toss where the flag goes around once. You usually catch it in 2 or 2 and a half counts.

Slam - It's exactly what it sounds like. You have the pole at right or left shoulder (usually) and slam it down to a shoulder hip angle.
Spookies - The little ghosts that haunt the gym during night practices. :)

Strap - The little strap on most guard rifles.
Toe Thongs - Half soles, a popular "shoe/sandal" for winterguards.

Winterguard - Colorguard except it's done indoors without the band and usually has more dance incorporated into it.

This is a very teeny section that I've started, for those people who don't understand some of the terms that are used in guard, perhaps someone who's new to guard or a new member, etc etc...

I'll try to build it up soon when I have time.
Also, to anyone that submitted to this section, I would credit your name, but I feel that it would be kinda cluttered if I credited everyone after their submission. So, I'll just add a little section here where I'll just list everyone that submitted here. If you submitted, don't see your name here and want your name to be here, just contact me and I'll be glad to add it! :) Thanks!! This is a relatively new idea, so if you submitted in the past, I haven't forgotten you, I just need a reminder of who you are. :)
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